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i’m not crying i just got some galaxy in my eye

Anonymous: You go girl!

thank you~

Anonymous: hi tiffany. I really like your blog and everything and I really respect you for what you stand for, like against slut and fat shaming and stuff and I really liked following you but I personally really dislike swearing and the use of foul language and such so it makes it really hard to enjoy some of your posts and things when there's so much foulness (in terms of language) in it and i really like you but could you try and cut down the swearing a little bit thank you a lot for being great

well i’m glad you like my blog, i appreciate it c:

but i’m gonna be honest, i swear like i breathe. i come from a family that swear like drunken sailors and it’s just how i communicate. i can try to cut it down a bit, but i can’t make any promises since i can’t undo 20 years of swearing ><

you should get xkit and blacklist the swear words so they won’t appear on your dash in anyone’s posts! :)

indulged in another world

Happy Birthday to my beloved prince.

Wish you lots and lots of bliss, I hope you keep fulfilling all your dreams. I hope you remain always as a caring, talented, kind, loving, funny, sympathetic , ++++ person. From the beginning you have been an inspiration to me, your voice was the only one who could make me sleep at night. Thank you very much for making me smile, make me feel loved. Remember I’ll always be beside you and supporting you from afar. I hope you have a very nice birthday and one day you show up at my house and ask me marriage (optional). 

love you my little prince♥

2 years apart

Anonymous: Can I just say that you are awesome? :)

eheheh thank you <3

Anonymous: I wish I had your confidence I honestly can't eat without feeling bad about myself and it sucks because I just want to be pretty

honey, let me tell you right now, your size =/= how pretty you are

i bet you’re a lovely, wonderful girl. never feel bad for nourishing your beautiful body; it’s the only one you’ve got ♥

easter outfit!

i’ve noticed a lot of fat shaming happening recently, so to those people:

you can take my body as a big “fuck you” to the hatred and bitterness you stand for. you can take my self-confidence as a declaration of war against this societal obsession with making girls like me hate themselves.

you can no longer tear us down with useless, meaningless words of hatred.

kiss my fat ass ♥

flustered yixing when the fans’ screams for him were so loud he couldn’t even say his greetings